O. B. Hanba
Peculiarities of archaic classification relationship of the tribal society

А. А. Pylypenko, V. V. Kopilets, V. M
Pipenko. Subsistence minimum: survive or migration?

V. S. Tarasenko
Reform of minimum subsistence level in Ukraine


A. V. Aksyutina
Principles of administrative and legal support for population by cultural services

Ye. V. Bulychov
Classification of public services in the field of recovering taxes and duties

Yu. D. Kunev, V. О. Duving
Public-administrative activities – the object of the administrative and legal science

Ye. O. Leheza
Implementation of positive foreign experience of customs declaration, value and control of vehicles in domestic legislation

Zh. M. Melnyk-Tomenko
The principle of equality of all participants in the lawsuit before the law and the court: a theoretical and legal analysis

V. V. Patskan
Bases of administrative and legal status of the Accounting Chamber as a supreme audit institution of Ukraine

A. A. Prikhodko
Definition of the concept of public administration in the field of prevention and anti-corruption in Ukraine

О. І. Prikhodko
Characterization of authorities of representative in administrative process

L. М. Timchenko
Eurointegration areas for improvement the pubic services providing system

V. V. Topolnitskyi, B. M. Tychna
Problems of legal regulation of the concepts of “martial law”, “state of war” and “war time”


P. D. Guyvan
The temporal certainty of enforcement in the light of the principles of the European court of human rights

O. М. Koval
Some problems of creation and use of the holograms: legal issues and modern digital technologies

N. V. Loktieva-Maklashova, M. О. Maistrenko
Current state of reforming of agricultural land turnover in Ukraine: existing problems

A. A. Pylypenko, M. A. Volkova, O. M. Radzetskyi
Right to strike: Ukrainian realities

M. Yu. Pokalchuk
Some legal issues for subsidiary farming

L. V. Taran
Some actual questions about extracurricular education's business


O. V. Vasylova-Karvatska
The criminalistic aspect of trafficking in human beings

L. P. Grynko
Criminalistic algorithmization: specific problems of theory and practice

L. V. Husar
Problems of decision concept terrorism

Sh. В. Davlatov
Peculiarities of the purpose of the additional punishment as a loss of the right to certain employment or to act in certain activities

O. V. Karnauhov, V. V. Varava
Аnthology of сriminalistics providing: scientific views and principles

M. V. Kikalishvili
Information and analytical support of anti-corruption crime strategies and tactics

V. М. Kravchuk
Requirements about repugnance of justiceship with other types of activity: constitutionally-legal aspect

V. V. Mayorov
Purpose of the National Police of Ukraine: modern views on understanding

N. Z. Rogatynska
Customs crime vectors in Ukraine and the world

G. М. Sobko
Objective and subjective signs of violent appropriation of property and their legislative definitions

Yu. V. Tyshchenko
Use of unconventional forensic techniques in investigating evasion of military service


L. O. Andriievska, A. V. Krupits’ka, D. O. Sklyar
Correspondence examination of case, significance and place in the civil process

T. B. Gereliuk
Qualifying signs of destruction, demolition or damage of cultural heritage sites in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

M. O. Larionov
Advanced pricing agreements: current state and prospects for Ukraine

А. А. Pylypenko, M. Zavhorodnii, S. Moroz
Labor rights of disabled employees: features of the national legal regulation and foreign experience