T. V. Baranovska
Establishment and development of criminal liability for smuggling in Ukraine: historical and legal aspect


N. V. Daraganova
Grounds of administrative responsibility for violating the requirements of labour protection legislation

H. M. Zaikina
Legal regulation of implementation of financial control over the establishment and functioning of public railway transport

S. R. Karpenko
Public-private partnership in the space industry of Ukraine as an object of administrative law regulation

I. P. Kushnir, S. V. Adamchuk
Information privacy as a right consolidated by the constitution of Ukraine: legal and social aspects

A. V. Lohvyn
Martial status and tax offenses: features of legal liability

A. B. Maslova
Ensuring the work of the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors of the High Council of Justice

V. M. Pidluzhnyi, E. O.
Syromiatnykov. Appeal of individual acts in the sphere of urban planning through the prism of protecting a legitimate interest

K. S. Fomichov
Classification of administrative legal relations in the sphere of social protection of persons with disabilities


M. B. Maika
Material and technical support of the organization of the judiciary as a factor affecting the realization of the right to a fair trial at the stage of review of court decisions


D. V. Pryimachenko, D. D. Pryimachenko
Legal support for the implementation of Ukraine’s international obligations in the field of foreign economic activity

Yu. I. Tiuria
Results of comparative study of legal doctrine in the sphere of artificial intelligence

O. G. Iukhta
Some issues of children’s ombudsman’s activity: foreign experience


K. Yu. Guz
Normative and legal provision of administration in the field of medical care and rehabilitation of persons entitled to medical care in health care institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

V. G. Klepikovsky
Classification of subjects that conduct or are involved in conducting an inspection of the scene of crime

O. І. Kuvila
Competence of government bodies regarding access ensurement persons with disabilities before justice

Ye. O. Martynov
Criminal procedural characteristics of the institution of closure criminal proceedings by the court

A. O. Ovcharenko, О. I. Romashko
Grounds and procedural order for choosing a precautionary measure in the detention form


M. I. Hrabynskyi, M. V. Hrushko
International legal responsibility of the successor state for violating the obligations of the predecessor state

K. V. Manuilova
Features of international liability under international law in the context of legal succession

O. M. Bukhanevych, O. V. Zabozhchuk
Military administrations and local authorities: distribution of powers under martial law

N. V. Anischuk
Gender-Legal Reforms in Ireland

K. V. Hromovenko, Ya. O. Tytska
Principles of international law: conceptual approaches to understanding nature and classification .

V. V. Dudchenko, D. H. Manko
General theoretical principles for understanding the system of modern law sources: national and international aspects

К. S. Tochylo
Regulatory basis of employer’s control over the fulfillment of labor duties by employees

Ye. Yu. Polianskyi
Prerequisites of criminal liability in U.S. Criminal law

A. V. Gromliuk
Peculiarities of consideration of ECHR cases on complaints of violation of property rights

L. M. Zaikova
The aspects of adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine on waste for the legislation of the EU

H. S. Buha
Experience of foreign countries in the prevention of corruption

K. L. Buhaichuk, S. O. Shatravа
Administrative and legal status of the Authorized unit for the prevention and detection of corruption

G. I. Chanysheva
Development of labour legislation of Ukraine in conditions of digital transformation of the economy: separate issues

T. A. Latkovska
Violation of the rules of ethical behavior as a basis for disciplinary action against a civil servant.

K. Yu. Shyroka
The authority of the investigating judge in ensuring the rights and legal interests of the suspect when resolving the issue of bail to the state revenue as a guarantee of preventing the suspect from violating the obligations imposed on him

O. S. Smirnov
To the issue of the subjects of the execution of the resolution on permission to search a person’s home or other property

O. O. Torbas, V. A. Zavtur
The right of a person to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law: international standards and experience of domestic lawmaking

Yu. P. Hryhorchak
Proceedings in the case of administrative offenses in the field of traffic safety

Ye. S. Nazymko, T. I. Ponomarova, B. M. Semenyshyna-Fihol
Organized crime as a phenomenon of postmodern criminology

T. V. Averochkina
Features of grounds for disciplinary responsibility of customs officials

V. K. Kolpakov, Ye. V. Kurinnyi, A. A. Sharaia
Genetic basis of the executive support service: the principle of integrity

І. M. Bondarenko
Interbudgetary transfers in the system of state financing of health care

V. V. Kostytskyi, O. O. Zakal
The right to information about climate change and its consequences: theoretical and legal problems