I. V. Kovbas
National awards: the innovative doctrinal and legal approaches to distinguishing their types

O. O. Fast
Evolution of ideas about state power limits in medieval Europe

T. A. Chepulchenko, N. A. Levitskaya
Prospects of development of institute of presidency in Ukraine


O. L. Makarenkov
Integrity in the humanitarian area of activity of the executive branch of state power as an indicator of public law efficiency and rule

M. A. Noskova
Conceptual foundations of a risk-based tax control system

O. Yu. Piddubnyi
Coordination of wills as a means of exercising the powers of local self-government bodies – parties to an administrative agreement on communal property unification, implementation of joint programs and joint financing of economic entities

D. S. Pryputen
Public control over the activity of the National police of Ukraine

M. I. Smokovych
Systemic analysis of the national legal provisions regulating representation in the administrative procedure

G. V. Solomenko
Legal basis of creation and activities of tax police in Ukraine

Stashkiv Ya. Ya
Administrative fundamentals of the implementation of measures of individual prevention of crimes and administrative offences by district police officers

O. M. Fesenko
Principles of administrative and legal protection of investments in Ukraine

P. O. Yakovlev
Mechanism administratively legal adjusting of state administration in the field of providing of informative safety of Ukraine


T. S. Hudima
Methodological principles of improvement concepts “monetary policy”

P. D. Guyvan
Freedom of opinion in the media: eligibility criteria for the implementation of law

S. V. Zavalniuk
Problems of the relation between the concepts of gaps in the civil legislation and gaps in civil law

N. В. Moskaliuk
State property rights termination through the mechanism of privatization: historical aspects, modern state and prospects for the development

T. V. Nakonechna
On the question of the relationship of the contract of carriage with other transport contracts under the laws of Ukraine and foreign countries

R. В. Sirko
On the issue of the formation and development of legislation on relations arising from the carriage by rail

V. V. Shekhovtsov
Economic and legal component of the mechanism of ensuring the effectiveness of faunistic legislation


G. M. Andrusіak
The criminal personality of minors under the laws of foreign countries

O. O. Torbas
Subjective determinants of judgment in the criminal process

I. M. Chemerys
Temporary removal of property as way protection of the interest of the victim in criminal proceedings about the crimes committed by the use of non-current operations


O. V. Bihniak
Conflict-of-law regulation of the relations with the use of cryptocurrencies within international private law

V. V. Homonai
The concept of the constitutional and legal mechanism for procure of full membership of Ukraine in the European Union and in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

N. V. Klietsova, N. O. Petrova
Comparison of international experience on solving labour disputes caused by “2019-nCoV” consequences: scientific and practical research on the impact of online speeches countries’ speakers

U. Z. Koruts
Propaganda as a crime in the decisions of the international criminal courts and tribunals


A. M. Ivanytskyi
Legal entity as a subject to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

K. A. Miakota
Liability for violation of foreign currency legislation of Ukraine: new sanctions

Z. D. Nahorna, B. V. Nahornyi
Problems of the protection of the rights of a suspect on which illegal detention is implemented by an investigative or detective without an order of the investigating judge


O. V. Sinkevych
Subject of the Ukrainian Constitutional Law’s Influence on the Branch’s Functions

H. M. Kotliarevska
On the issue of improving the legislation on citizens’ appeals

I. Ya. Olender
The concept of “tax liability”: nature and features of application

O. P. Melnychuk
Separation of state and religious organizations under modern conditions of state building: legal nature, content and types

M. M. Maletych
On improvement of administrative proceedings, related to rendering of administrative services: comparative legal approach

I. A. Burnosenkova
Legal constructions of independent legal personality of a legal entity and limited liability of its participants

P. S. Yepryntsev
Some issues of subjective signs of the creation of a criminal organization