History and theory of law

O. S. Oliinyk.
Hierarchy of the principles of criminal law of Ukraine

Administrative and customs law

A. V. Boiko
Administrative process and administrative procedure: contents of the categories and their relations (some aspects of discussion)

I. L. Zheltobruh
Administrative procedure in the modern doctrine of administrative law as a sphere of objectivization of the status of parties of legal proceedings

A. V. Zamryha.
“Administrative service-based nature” as a feature of public administration activities in administrative and legal support of business activity in Ukraine

L. O. Zolotukhina.
Public interest in certain types of administrative legal relationships

O. L. Koliush
Improvement of legal regulation and data intelligence system as directions to prevent corruption during provision of administrative services

S. P. Paranytsia, A. V. Alentyeva
Legal status of the responsible employee of the principal financial monitor subject

M. М. Potip
Act of applying law as a means of public administration and legal regulation in the sphere of privatization

O. М. Pravotorova
Features of effectiveness of administrative legal protection

T. M. Savchenko
The system of subjects of administrative and legal regulation in hunting economy and shooting

V. V. Sahaidak
Property as an object of taxation

M. I. Sofin
To the problem of overcoming corruption in Ukraine in the context of developing the conceptual framework for fiscal policy improvement

O. Р. Tsurkan
The purpose of professional training the police officers of Ukraine

Civil law

P. D. Guyvan
Ukrainian and international legal mediation of a person’s access to information

Problems of law enforcement activities

A. Yu. Dudchenko
Law enforcement function as one of the forms of state power realization

V. O. Popovichuk
Senior investigator on especially important cases chief financial investigator investigations of the state fiscal service of Ukraine

Tribune of a young scientist

S. S. Alina
Factors excluding the possibility of traditional inheritance of digital objects

E. V. Baranova
Right of whistleblower’s legal protection: constitutional aspect

O. І. Lukyanchuk
The order of maintenance enforcement for parents upon the family law of Ukraine

K. D. Ponomarenko
Concept of development as a form of realization of civil law for development