І. V. Kostеnko
Analysis of the level of practical implementation of the law-making process by its subjects

V. Yu. Pryamitsyn, I. V. Poliakova
Cryonics as the right to preserve life

V. I. Checherskiy
Relationship between right to life and the right to reproductive choice in artificial abuse of pregnancy


V. A. Gvozdiy
Administrative and legal aspects of development of the bodies of advocate self-government (1917–1962)

N. М. Hladka
Legal regulation of the customs transit regime in the context of the reform of the customs system of Ukraine

Ya. V. Hretsa
Peculiarities of determining the terms of appeal of tax service decisions in court

V. Yu. Gritsyk, O. A. Zolotaryova
Legal and organizational basis of the activities of the units called to anti-corrupt events in the bodies of the State customs service of Ukraine

M. V. Duzhenkov
Enforcement mechanism of rights of children who commit an offence in national legislation

O. V. Kozhukhar
Partnership of civil society and police institutions: basic principles of interaction

І. В. Koterlin
Legal regulation of marketing information

V. V. Lipynskyi 
The legal aspects of liability for violation of the customs control rules in the simplified customs control zones

Yu. P. Lisovska
Tensor-invariant principle of calculating cyber infrastructure in administrative and legal regulation of information capital

D. Н. Mulyavka
Essential features of non-state law enforcement (on the example of private detective and non-state security activities)

D. V. Pryimachenko, D. D. Pryimachenko
Legal regulation of entry to the civil service into the customs authorities of Ukraine: current state and prospects

O. M. Skazko
Prospects of implementation of legal responsibilities for cybersquatting

O. O. Khymynets
Content, structure and administrative nature of intellectual property in educational and scientific and pedagogical innovation activities


E. V. Vakulovych
Features of determining the essential conditions of a public contract

P. D. Guyvan
The European justice principle: significant principles

T. D. Kravchenko
On problems of legal nature of arbitration agreements

O. V. Rudenko
Case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the interpretation of the concept of “non-contractual obligations”


A. О. Antoshchuk, Yu. V. Tereschenko.
Procedural and tactical bases of the inspection of a corpse discovered in a reservoir

O. P. Frolov
Official witnesses as the subjects of search in the special operation form

I. S. Yacovets, V. V. Karelin
On risks assessment of committing new criminal offenses by persons serving sentences not related to imprisonment


Yu. V. Gorb
Declaration by the party on protective defense to professional defense proceedings

K. O. Hubskyi
The basic principles for the implementation of financial procedures in the sphere of financial activities of the state

V. V. Dobrovolska
Procedural rules of control in the area of economy

А. А. Pylypenko, P. V. Kuroyedova, A. R. Dzhezhela
Peculiarities and legal mechanism of collective labor dispute settlement